Barefoot Because

slow living. simple pleasures. being well.

Barefoot Because is a wellness portal  for women to spark your creative flame, reclaim their inner wild, and step fully into your feminine story.


If the slower, more scenic route is more your style and you live for the simple gifts tucked into each day.....

kick off your shoes and join me.


You’ve found your tribe.



Sisters, I see you.

I feel your collective desire for spaciousness and connection in all areas of your lives. So much of who we are and what we love gets lost in the shuffle of modern life. I know that, just like me, you carry an ancient remembering , deep within you, of a time when life was spacious and harmonious--when slow, natural living was a birthright,  women were held in the arms of a village,  and creativity was woven into the fabric of everyday life.  

All of my offering--wellness retreats, monthly rituals, seasonal gatherings, writings, courses, and guided meditations--are in created in service of  revitalizing our lives as women, reconnecting each of us with our inner creative well, each other, and nature's wisdom. 

I’m on a path, just like you, acknowledging the inner call for awakening and true freedom ~ to touch some magic amidst my mundane world...

Women's Circle

Monthly Virtual Women's Circles

A supportive space and lifeline for earth-loving women to plug back into their power, tune into your inner voice of truth and connnect- to ourselves, each other, and nature's rhythms. To create a culture of connected, empowered, and nourished women.





To The Modern

Wild Woman

An inner call for awakening to the full spectrum of womanhood

Red dry leaf of sea Almond tree on white

Sueños de

Los Almendros

Permission to savor our everyday life experiences

An Element of Ritual in Your Morning Routine

Beginning our days with an intention for presence

Let's Run Away Together.

Wildish Retreats is a collaborative project with women artists, artisans, and makers around the world, to create soulful and colorful wellness retreat experiences. My vision is to curate hand-crafted events, in serene locales, to inspire each of us to live artfully and foster a sense of connection---with ourselves, each others, and the natural world. while nourishing our bodies, replenishing our minds, and inspiring the flow of creativity.

Barefoot Because

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Barefoot Because is a lifestyle brand and wellness portal for women that promotes an alternative approach to living in our fast-paced, modern world and challenges the collective mindset that often urges us to aim higher, do more, and move faster.