Barefoot Because

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Barefoot Because is a lifestyle brand and wellness portal for women that promotes an alternative approach to living in our fast-paced, modern world and challenges the collective mindset that often urges us to aim higher, do more, and move faster.  


Hello, I'm Angela. 


Barefoot Because is an outpouring of my wild heart, creative muse, and bohemian spirit.


I'm a wellness and leisure writer, teacher, textile artist, retreat facilitator, and event producer specializing in women's holistic health. I advocate for a return to what is traditional and timeless, with my slow, natural living ethos. I support women on a path of empowerment, connection, and space to feed their desires.  The heart of my work is inspiring you to welcome the beauty of what it truly means to live as a turned on,  soulful, creative women

eturn to the sweetness of that time feminine essence

when we walked a road of freedom

" intuitive knowing, creative passion, sensuality and soul-blazing fire.


Off the record...

I live to live shoe-less, indulge in my senses, and create things of enduring beauty with my hands. Getting lost to explore somewhere new is my idea of a perfect day.  I'm raising my son as a global citizen and earth steward ~we are lovers of the mountains and sea. I split my time between the US and Costa Rica, where I am looking for the perfect piece of land to create my future artist retreat, "Casa Almendra". 

My Story





I've spent the last 20 years teaching yoga. Ten of those years, I was traveling the world as a teacher's teacher, educating others on how to facilitate deep experiences of the body and mind. This was a path that gave me access to the depth of my own heart, fortified my belief in the healing power of self-care, and taught me that connection---to myself, to others, and to nature--is the foundation of true well-being. It allowed me to live my ultimate dream of service and a sense of personal freedom. For many years, it was a source of true fulfillment and all I could have ever wanted.

Then something shifted when I became a mother. 

The coming of my son Damian was a potent teacher for me, and in many ways, a reconciler of my spiritual longing.  The mundane world came alive in a new way, where everything shone in sacred light (splashes). I saw nature's perfection, right here on earth, in all the messiness of my being human. With his arrival, came a birthing of a new woman--one who was whole, at peace, with love.  I felt like a gentle warrior, grounded in my primal feminine essence, earthiness, and animal-like . For the first time, I truly understood the unshakeable strength of a mother's love, and the ferocity of woman's hard-wired sense to keep her family safe...and it broke me open.

While I didnt realize it then, this beautiful and deep instinctual drive to keep my tribe tight, is what almost destroyed me when things fell apart and I found myself as a single mother before my son’s first birthday.  I felt helpless, incomplete, in the dark, and abandoned as I lost control of my vision for our lives.  My love for my son and the joy he gave me carried me forward with a full heart but, as his nurturer and provider, I got lost in the care-giving.  Despite two decades of teaching others about health and wellness, I became a woman who hit the ground running at dawn with not enough nourishment or sleep. I became just another woman who flopped down on a pillow at night with hardly enough energy to brush her teeth or wash her face,  yet with so much cortisol pumping through her body she couldn’t sleep. I was depleted and restless. 


For the longest time, I just got on with the business of getting it all done. I didn't even notice the ways I had energetically contracted--how I’d stopped receiving and allowing the universe to fill my own cup, how I was giving from an empty well.  I hadn’t made space to see how putting myself last halted everything in my life from passionate love and healthy friendships to a reliable income stream.  I didn't pay attention until, after several years, I was on the verge of breakdown. I was irritable, anxious, mentally foggy, gaining weight, lacking energy, nursing several injuries, anti-social, and at the point of financial devastation.  I was operating on autopilot.  


Luckily for me, when I hit the peak of my exhaustion and life forced me to stop "doing", I heard a quiet voice yearning for my attention. 


They say the creative feminine will begin to rise in times of transition, when we are shedding skin and a beginning anew.  


First she came as gentle questioning?


“How do I maintain my OWN sense of well-being, as well as how to properly take care of my son?” “How do I stay ahead of the ‘burnout’ curve and remain healthy so I can bring my best self to the table for the people I love?" "How do I show up as a fierce mother, but also a sensual women with a thirst for life, a creative spark, and an appreciation for living unleashed?" "Will I ever find a way to honor my refined sensibilities, as well as my wild ways?" "Does balance actually exist for a woman like me, under these particular circumstances?"


When I listened closely,

what I heard was a clear message... 


It's times to re-imagine your life Angela.





At the time, I had no idea what that meant, but the call kept getting louder and more persistent.  I remembered So, one day, I grabbed an old 

create space for myself fulfillment, rewild, to be an artist,

own inner wild---move, meditation, spending time in nature, routine ritual, creating with my hands

remember my early childhood when I was surrounded by nature and governed by her rhythms. 

To get playful like that young country girl with no timeline, who lied in the grass, staring at clouds by day and stars by night. 

To acknowledge my desire for spaciousness in all areas of my life. 

To get my bare feet on the earth and allow myself to get dirty. 

To accept my hands a powerful tools and use them to make and create. 

To unapologeticallly carve out space for art and pleasure.


...and to do this with other women.

So I paid attention and I've done EXACTLY that. create space for myself fulfillment, rewild, to be an artist, a writer,a business woman, a collaborator with my creative community”I started. Life as art. Sacred working with hands to see al of life as at

tarted to recoonnect with my

"living life through the lens of art, feeling my hands connecting to materials and remembering deep roots back in time… red ochre hands on the cave walls to claim my connection. Over time I was able to foster a deep and dynamic relationship  "

change to was able to reconnect with "my creative feminine"

"I feel like I’m a part of something ancient and sacred. It’s about tapping into a creative well of the wise women  who came before me. Breathing life into a raw material and creating something of enduring beauty. (makers, artisans, craftspeople get this) a sense of belonging"

 "important it is for me to be a voice for other mothers, and women in general - to unbusy ourselves, to stop guilting ourselves and to make time to nourish, nurture and empower ourselves - however that looks and feels."

my...nourish, nurture and empower ourselves by connecting with our inner wild woman

found a part of myself I had lost

sensual and sensory, playful and powerful…

To stay connected to my own inner wild, so I could show up with​



Not only has this recovered a sense of wholeness and gifted me with glimpses of a life-quality I've not seen since becoming a mother, but it's shown me that the ways I want to show up in the world have shifted. 

Through countless conversations, I've seen that I'm not the only woman navigating this path. (Sisters, I see you.) And that it doesn't much matter if it's a child you're raising, a family member you're care-taking, a relationship you're nurturing, a business your building, or a dream your fighting for… I want to usher you back home to your creative feminine. 


We're all looking for ways to balance the masculine, yang, energy within us (that produces, thinks, organizes, achieves, and plans) with a feminine, yin, principle (that receives, feels, intuits, loves, dances, connects and creates).

We're all deserving.

My hope is that Barefoot Because serve as a portal, and I as a friend to hold to door open,  

to that feminine, creative life force that flows through all of us.

Have fun poking around my world.