Coming together as women and sharing in sacred space is a time honoured tradition

In today’s busy life, it’s more important than ever to take time to build the community you need and relationships that feed you. That’s why we are so excited to provide a central search where you can discover women’s circles happening near you.


If you're longing for a sisterhood experience


Sister circles have been used for many years by women to gather and join in a community of support while encouraging the individual members to be themselves fully. Community feeds our soul! We realize that we are not alone because there is a network of women who is the root bed that upholds us through life's challenges. Being part of a women's circle also helps us to reconnect to the cycles and rhythms of Nature, both around us and within us. With this knowledge and awareness we can navigate the joys and challenges of life more skillfully and authentically. 





n this community exploration we will journey through the seasonal wheel of the year together, with 8 live circles throughout the year + a member portal full of an archive of cyclical wisdom to guide you through.



+ Live circles on each of the earth-based holidays (solstices, equinoxes & cross-quarter days).


It’s time for the slumbering feminine genius in each of us to awaken.

Now is the time to begin to practice and prioritize the skills and instincts that are innately ours. We all thrive in pleasure, collaboration, turn-on, and joy.

It is a time for vulnerability, for connection, for growth through nurturing ourselves and others. We all have to surrender to the changes in our circumstances and tap into our intuition, creativity, and empathy. It is a time to build relationships, build community, build sisterhood. 

We are recognizing the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. Staying e

We have these skills. Yet we have been encouraged to set them down for the past 5,000 years of patriarchal conditioning.

And now is the time for each of us, as women, to begin to connect to that which is essentially our sacred knowledge, our nature, our truth, and to live this truth out loud, and make our voices heard in this world.

And curiously, splendidly, magnificently – the pathway there is not suffering.

The pathway there is pleasure. Fun. Interconnectedness. Those moments of devilish joy when we saw our brothers and sisters in Italy making videos of singing, playing the trumpet from balconies, skittering across the floor on a skateboard, just for fun and to celebrate life. And we caught on and now honor our healthcare workers in New York City every night at 7 p.m., singing and banging pots out of our apartment windows. Those moments when we call a friend and dance together on the phone or over Zoom. Or bring food to our neighbors in need.

We are finding our way through to a whole new paradigm.

 We hold sacred space for Witnessing :: As sacred witnesses in Circle, we see that every experience has value & there is wisdom in every experience.

:: We hold sacred space for Safety :: As protectors of Circle, we promise full confidentiality & do not discuss or allow discussion of what transpires outside our ceremony. We protect each woman’s right to anonymity & privacy.

:: We hold sacred space for Compassion :: As women devoted to a living practice of compassion, we actively open our hearts to every woman present, including ourselves.

:: We hold sacred space for Silence :: As patient students of the healing arts, we consciously allow space for silence to enter. We understand that so much of the magic of Circle happens within these pristine moments of silence.

:: We hold sacred space for Mystery :: We honor our ancestors, as their impulse still lives in us. We give thanks for our guides & spiritual teachers. We celebrate the unknowable expansiveness of spirit. We honor all supportive elementals. In Circle, we seek the inner light & listen to the song of the unseen.

:: We hold sacred space for Truth-telling :: As women sincere in our search for personal truth, we speak from the “I” place, from direct experience, participating in Circle from the inside out. We refrain from speaking about “you” & actively quiet the human habits of reacting, recapitulating & rescuing.

:: We hold sacred space for Gratitude :: For what we know, we say “thank you”. For what we do not yet know, we say “thank you”. For all that is offered in Circle, we say “thank you”. For ourselves, each in our perfect specificity, we say “thank you”.

:: We hold sacred space for Matriarchy :: As caretakers of the Feminine, we practice mutuality & inter-connectedness. We are the teachers & we are the taught.

:: We hold sacred space for Healing :: We trust that each woman in our Circle tends towards healing & that healing may be miraculous & extensive. We trust that our personal healing, heals our community.

:: We hold sacred space for Simplicity :: As Circle shows us time & again, true abundance flows from the simplest gifts of life. We value laughter & politeness, groundedness & generosity. We appreciate pleasure & encourage simple shifts that enhance the quality of our lives. 

:: We hold sacred space for Diversity :: As women wise in the ways of nature & spirit, we celebrate all the diverse ways of existence. We acknowledge all stories as the loving expressions of our shared humanity. We honor all religions, all paths, all loving practices, all peoples. We honor ourselves, with a welcoming heart.

 :: We hold sacred space for Commonality :: As Wise Women, we adorn ourselves in Common-ness. Valuing our connection as much as our individuality, we welcome One-ness. We know that we always have more in common than space between us. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.


REWORD: Add April 22 New Moon as First Circle


Each circle will be held on or just before the actual date of the earth-based holiday. And all circles will be held online through Zoom, available from anywhere you can access the internet. Recordings will be sent out for those who can’t attend live.

All times & dates are in Pacific Time.

Imbolc Circle :: Sunday February 2nd 12pm

Spring Equinox Circle :: Tuesday March 17th 4pm

Beltane Circle :: Tuesday May 5th 1pm

Summer Solstice Circle :: Wednesday June 17th 6pm

Lammas Circle :: Sunday July 26th 12pm

Autumn Equinox :: Thursday September 17th 6pm

Samhain Circle :: Friday October 26th 10:30am

Winter Solstice Circle :: Sunday December 20th 12pm

Dates & times are subject to shift throughout the year but this list will always show the most current dates & times.



Travel is a fueled passion of mine, and it's my desire to make circles available to women and men everywhere that I go.  If you desire to hold space for yourself and those in your community, reach out!  If possible, I will connect with you whenever my travels bring me to your area, and we will make some moon circle magic happen.  I will also be happy to connect you with a circle closer to you!  


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